The Vagrant


Hi I'm Jade, the one breaking all this glass
A BIPOC artist based on Vancouver Island in the Pacific Northwest

I began working with stained glass in 2018 through the process of teaching myself traditional leadilghting methods, copper foil techniques, as well as repair & restoration practices via online videos, and earlier-era blog post. Having just started showing & selling my work at local BC based galleries in 2021 I've created this website to be more accesible to those both near and far that may not have the ability to see my work in person.

Though I say I am self taught, where I'm at comes with bigest thanks to the wisdom I've recieved from various artists, all at different places and stages in their relationships with glass. The stream of knowledge that comes with learning this craft is deep, and I intend to keep filling my cup.

Current/Past Gallerys & Shows

Living while Marginalized - Penticton Art Gallery 2021

Cowichan Valley Fine Arts Show - Cowichan Performing Arts Center 2021

Urban Arts Tour - Esquimalt 2021

Colour Theory - ECAH (victoria), Massey Arts (vancouver), Wilfred Johns (victoria) 2021

Find my smaller works in person 

Cowichan Green Community 

Esquimalt Community Arts Hub 


To see more of what goes into my process, semi-regular updates, and smaller items that might not make it onto here, please find me on instagram: @leadlight.vagrant

For customs, repairs, inquiries, ect, send me a message through my contact page